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  • commented 2015-03-15 12:50:33 -0700
    There is no place like home. Your home is entitled to a safe, caring, free, and peaceful existence. This is what love for self, others and life is. The people, animals, plants, waters and their rights to enjoy life as it has been given to us, is the reason for why we are.
    To NOT understand these simple fundamental functions of life, is to bring certain death to this planet, and all depending on it one eco- system at a time.

    See the waters in the depth of mine eye
    Feel the earth connect with mine skin
    Hear the voice of truth whisper in mine ear
    Know life in the fire of mine soul

    Let this be the understanding of how we must all keep this world we were given to care for.
  • commented 2014-01-28 13:25:39 -0800
    Thank you for protecting the world’s bears in your territories. Respect for all life is the real guide. We do not need to eat other mammals for our sustenance. All life is born just like we are – and given the universal rights by the universal laws which are more just than man’s indoctrination and arrogance. WILD LAW by Cormac Cullinan is a good guide as well as the Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth and ALL BEINGS drafted in Cochabamba, Bolivia with input from indigenous people from all over the world:
    It was presented to the United Nations in 2011 and put into the constitutions of Bolivia and Ecuador the following year. The first right of all beings is to exist and not be harmed by man and to contribute their natural role in the natural world ( the one we humans are so wantonly destroying).

Bears Forever is a project of Coastal First Nations and the Central Coast First Nations Bear Working Group

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